smt. Pooja Prasad Joshi


Mrs Pooja Joshi is one of the best astrologers in India. She is an expert in Vedic, spiritual and Nakshatra Astrology.

smt. Poojatai Joshi is a renowned and most famous astrologer in mumbai . A certified NAKSHATRA JYOTISH PRAVEEN, she is consulted by people all across the globe and has 10+ years of experience behind her, and her clientele includes famous personalities, career makers and many others from different walks of life. smt. Pooja Joshi’s extraordinary astrology knowledge has been rewarded with a National and international recognition..
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नैनं छिद्रन्ति शस्त्राणि नैनं दहति पावक: ।
न चैनं क्लेदयन्त्यापो न शोषयति मारुत ॥.

(द्वितीय अध्याय, श्लोक 23)

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